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GtkSQL is a graphical database query tool. It currently supports the PostgreSQL MySQL and SQLite databases.

This is a free tool released under the GNU GPL license.

Its main features are:

  • multiple SQL buffers
  • SQL keywords, table names and fields auto-completion
  • displays table definition
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite support (and easy addition of other databases)

GtkSQL is written using the Gimp ToolKit (GTK), and should run on any system that has GTK installed.

Available Releases

stable releases are meant for most users. This is the most stable version available. The current stable version is: GtkSQL 0.4.2 .

testing releases are meant for testing prior to release as a stable version. They should be useable but may contain some problems. If you need a feature that is not available in the stable release, you may find it here. Please make sure that any problems you find are reported. The latest testing release is: GtkSQL 0.4.5

unstable releases are for trialing new features, drivers, or options, and are NOT recomended for anyone! They may be incomplete and contain less features than the stable and testing releases, and may not even work. The latest unstable release is: (None).


GtkSQL 0.4 released   djluff - 2003-10-11 04:04   -   GtkSQL
Version 0.4 of GtkSQL is now available on Sourceforge. There are no known problems with this version and it is now the latest 'stable' release. Work has started now to move GtkSQL to GTK2.
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Release 0.3.3   djluff - 2003-09-06 08:32   -   GtkSQL
Version 0.3.3 of gtksql has been released. I believe that
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GtkSQL 0.3.2 released   djluff - 2002-10-03 07:13   -   GtkSQL
This is a development release of the GtkSQL database query interface for MySQL and PostgreSQL. It fixes all known bugs with GtkSQL itself, including some that used to lead to crashes. Available in source .tar.gz, and binary and source RPMs.
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For more information, mailing lists, and forums, please see the SourceForge project page.

Future Plans

The next things planned for GtkSQL are:

  • Adding support for other languages besides english. I will need a bit of help here, as I only speak english myself. I am adding German as my first new language, but as I'm using the Google translater and an English-German dictionary I know the translation wont be very good!

Access to the source code through CVS is available from the Sourceforge page. If using the CVS version, please check the current status in the CVS_STATUS file in the root directory of the distribution. This file will tell you if the current CVS version is considered usable or not.

Contact: Darryl Luff <>
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