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GtkSQL Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_a_bufBuffer structure
_activatorUsed to activate/deactivate controls as the application state changes
_call_dataCall data for dialog
_common_export_dataData for common export dialog
_dbconnectorData passed from the application to the driver when initiating a connection
_export_dataData for dialog call
_html_export_dataData for HTML export dialog
_keyfileA key file structure
_keyvalThe KeyVal structure and kv_xxx routines implement a linked list
_keywordAuto-completion keyword list
_queryDataData for the Query rename dialog
_querysavedataData for the Query Save dialog
_submenuSubmenu definition structure
_text_export_dataData for text export dialog
_toolbarToolbar structure
db_connPer-connection database structure
DBConnection_MYSQLThe MySQL-specific database connection structure
DBConnection_PGPostgreSQL-specific connection data
DBConnection_XPathThe XPath-specific database connection structure
DBFieldDefField record
DBTableDefTable record
FormStructure describing a single form
FormFieldStructure describing a single form field

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