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db_conn Struct Reference
[Database Module]

Per-connection database structure. More...

#include <dbapi.h>

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Data Fields

 A link back to the connector that created this connection.

int connectionStatus
int(* DBdisconnect )(struct db_conn *)
 Disconnect from database.

char *(* DBget_error_message )(struct db_conn *)
 Return the last error message.

char *(* DBget_db_name )(struct db_conn *)
 Return the database name.

void *(* DBexecute_query )(struct db_conn *, char *)
 Execute a query.

int(* DBget_query_status )(struct db_conn *, void *)
 Return the status of the query.

int(* DBget_record_number )(struct db_conn *, void *)
 Return the record count.

int(* DBget_field_number )(struct db_conn *, void *)
 Get the field (column) count.

char *(* DBget_field_name )(struct db_conn *, void *, int field)
 Get a field name.

char *(* DBget_field_value )(struct db_conn *, void *, int record, int field)
 Get a field value.

void(* DBclear_result )(struct db_conn *, void *)
 Clear the query result.

 Keywords for autocompletion.

int(* DBget_table_def )(struct db_conn *)
 Load table definitions.

void(* DBfree_table_def )(struct db_conn *)
 Free table definitions.

int(* DBget_table_num )(struct db_conn *)
 Get the number of tables.

DBTableDef *(* DBget_table )(struct db_conn *, int)
 Get a table definition.

char * server
 Server we're connected to.

char * user

char * pass

void * pvt
 Private data for use of the database driver.

int pvtlen
 Size of the private data.

Detailed Description

Per-connection database structure.

This defines the interface the application talks to the driver with. It also holds the keyword list for the connection.

Definition at line 89 of file dbapi.h.

Field Documentation

int db_conn::connectionStatus

See also:

Definition at line 91 of file dbapi.h.

Referenced by db_connect(), db_connect_dialog_reconnect(), and db_connect_url().

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