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GtkSQL File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
appconfig.c [code]Configuration module
appconfig.h [code]Configuration module include file
buf.c [code]General-purpose dynamic buffer
buf.h [code]General-purpose dynamic buffer include file
callbacks.c [code]Callbacks for Glade-generated interface
callbacks.h [code]Callbacks for Glade-generated interface
d_mysql_f.c [code]Forms version of MySQL driver
d_mysql_f.h [code]Include file for Forms version of MySQL driver
d_postgres_f.c [code]Forms version of the PostgreSQL driver
d_postgres_f.h [code]Include file for PostgreSQL driver
d_xpath_f.c [code]Experimental XPath driver
d_xpath_f.h [code]Include file for Forms version of XPath driver
db_conn.c [code]Functions for manipulating DBConnection's
db_conn.h [code]Defines the database driver interface
db_connect_dlg.c [code]Database connect dialog
db_connect_dlg.h [code]Database connection dialog
dbapi.c [code]Public database API
dbapi.h [code]Public database API
dbconnector.h [code]Generic connector functions
dburl.c [code]URL handling functions
dburl.h [code]Interface ti URL handling functions
dialogs.c [code]Dialog module
dialogs.h [code]Dialog module include file
drag.c [code]Drag/drop routines
drag.h [code]Include file for drag/drop module
export.c [code]Functions to export results to files
export.h [code]Include file for export functions
exporthtml.c [code]Functions to export results to files
exporthtml.h [code]Include file for HTML export functions
exporttext.c [code]Module containing the text export functions and dialog
exporttext.h [code]Include file for text export functions and the text export dialog
forms.c [code]Forms interface
forms.h [code]Form interface
gui.c [code]Implements the GUI API
gui.h [code]
gui_common.c [code]Common GUI functions
gui_common.h [code]Common GUI items
guiapi.c [code]Interface to menu module
guiapi.h [code]Interface to menu module
interface.c [code]
interface.h [code]
keyfile.c [code]Functions to manipulate sets of key/value pairs
keyfile.h [code]Interface to the keyfile module
luaif.c [code]LUA engine handling functions
luaif.h [code]Interface to LUA engine
main.c [code]GtkSQL -- an interactive SQL query tool
menus.c [code]This file should contain all menu functions and declarations
menus.h [code]Interface to menu module
mytoolbar.c [code]Toolbar functions
mytoolbar.h [code]Toolbar functions include file
queries.c [code]Functions to handle queries
queries.h [code]Interface to query display module
query_import_dlg.c [code]Query import dialog
query_import_dlg.h [code]Query save dialog interface
query_save_dlg.c [code]Query save dialog
query_save_dlg.h [code]Query save dialog interface
querydata.c [code]Interface to query data module
querydata.h [code]Interface to query data module
register.c [code]Plugin registry
register.h [code]
status.c [code]Status bar functions
status.h [code]Interface to status bar module
support.c [code]
support.h [code]
tables.c [code]Functions to handle the table information pane
tables.h [code]Interface to table list module
utils.c [code]Utility routines
utils.h [code]Utility routines
workspace.c [code]Workspace manager to load and save the applications state
workspace.h [code]Interface to workspace module

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