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utils.h File Reference

Utility routines. More...

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void add_space (FILE *f, const int exists, const int todo)
 Writes spaces to the file.

char * get_short_filename (char *fn)
 Get the shortened filename (without the path).

Detailed Description

Utility routines.

Lionel ULMER , Darryl Luff

Definition in file utils.h.

Function Documentation

void add_space FILE *    f,
const int    exists,
const int    todo

Writes spaces to the file.

f  The file to write to.
exists  How many characters are used in the field.
todo  The required field width.

Definition at line 31 of file utils.c.

char* get_short_filename char *    fn

Get the shortened filename (without the path).

fn  The full filename to parse.
The short filename. This is a pointer into the 'fn' string, so don't free 'fn' till you've gfinished with this result.

Definition at line 82 of file utils.c.

Referenced by gui_load_query_from_file(), and query_save_to_file().

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