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gui.h File Reference


#include "dbapi.h"
#include "interface.h"
#include "support.h"

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int disconnect_first (void)
 Checks whether currently connected.

char * get_rcname (void)
 Get the name of the rc file to use.

void gui_get_workspace ()
 Retrieve the current workspace.

void populate_mainWindow ()
 Initialise the main window.


 Currently active connection.

Detailed Description

Lionel ULMER , Darryl Luff
This file describes the API functions supported by the GUI module, and available for use by other modules.

Definition in file gui.h.

Function Documentation

int disconnect_first void   

Checks whether currently connected.

If so, it displays a user a message asking them to disconnect first.

If the user is connected, return 0. Otherwise, return 1.

Definition at line 215 of file gui.c.

References _a_buf::b_dat, _a_buf::b_len, buf_free(), buf_new(), db_conn::DBget_db_name, display_error(), and gui_get_connection().

char* get_rcname void   

Get the name of the rc file to use.

The filename.

Definition at line 243 of file gui.c.

References _a_buf::b_dat, and buf_strcat().

Referenced by gui_init().

void populate_mainWindow  

Initialise the main window.

The gui structure is: mainWindow (Glade) .mainvbox (Glade) ..menubar (Glade) ..toolbar (Manual) ..mainvpane (Glade) ...hpane (Glade) ....query (Manual) ....tables (Manual) ...result (Manual) ..statusbar (Glade)

Definition at line 337 of file gui.c.

References populate_mainvbox().

Referenced by gui_init().

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