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guiapi.c File Reference

Interface to menu module. More...

#include "../config.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "buf.h"
#include "db_connect_dlg.h"
#include "dbapi.h"
#include "dialogs.h"
#include "gui.h"
#include "guiapi.h"
#include "queries.h"
#include "status.h"
#include "tables.h"
#include "utils.h"
#include "workspace.h"

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void gui_add_query (void)
 Add a new blank query.

int gui_connection_ok (void)
 Check if the GUI has a valid connection.

void gui_delete_all_queries (void)
 Delete all open queries.

void gui_disconnect (void)
 Disconnects the GUI's database connection.

DBConnectiongui_get_connection (void)
 Get the current connection.

char * gui_get_connection_url (void)
 Get the URL for the current connection.

int gui_get_query_count (void)
 Find the number of rows in the current result.

int gui_get_result_columns ()
 Find the number of columns in the current result.

char * gui_get_result_field (int row, int column)
 Lookup a field text given a column and row.

int gui_get_result_rows (void)
 Find the number of rows in the current result.

void gui_init (int argc, char **argv)
 Initialise the GUI.

void gui_load_query_from_file (char *filename)
 Load the current query from a file.

int gui_run (void)
 Run the GUI.

void gui_send_query ()
 Send the query to the database.

void gui_set_connection (DBConnection *con)
 Set the currently active connection.

void gui_set_query_name (gchar *name)
 Set the name of the current query notebook page.

void gui_set_query_text (char *txt)
 Set the text for the currently active query.

Detailed Description

Interface to menu module.

Lionel ULMER , Darryl Luff

Definition in file guiapi.c.

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